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Dealing with Electrical Suppliers

It is very important to establish a good working relationship with several electrical suppliers. Having several quotations will help you know if you are getting the right pricing levels. Manufacturer’s representatives can also provide great support to the electrical contractor during the bidding process.

What suppliers expect from contractors:

  1. Keep their pricing confidential
  2. Prompt payment
  3. Proper purchase orders with detailed instructions
  4. Returned materials minimized

What the contractor should want from suppliers:

  1. Timely quotes
  2. The lowest quotes
  3. Timely and correct submittals / shop drawings
  4. Timely deliveries
  5. Discounts for quantity purchases
  6. Knowledgeable sales people
  7. Service after the sale

What the estimator should do for the supplier:

  1. Provide quotation request earlier.
  2. Provide accurate quantities with material requests.
  3. Provide all drawings and specifications for each request for a quote.
  4. Forward addendum’s to your sales representative immediately.
  5. Let them know ASAP if you change your mind and do not bid a project for which you have requested a quotation.
  6. Communicate promptly, answer emails timely.

It is vital to maintain a good relationship with your suppliers. There will be some projects where the quoted packages will be the controlling percentage of the project’s total costs. So stay in good favor with your suppliers.

Remember, estimating is expensive, poor estimating is costly, and quality estimating is profitable.