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In a world of constant changing demands on our resources, the need for time is sometimes overwhelming. As an architect or consulting engineer, sometimes project demands create a shortage of hours in the week to accomplish all that needs to be done. Adding an additional employee is not an option nor is neglecting a valued customer.

Mistakes are made by those who try to do more in less time. Why not delegate some of your busy work to an experienced electrical professional. So when you need assistance in meeting your project deadlines, you now have a viable option. I offer the following services to architects and consulting engineers:

  • Budget Estimates
  • Parallel Estimates
  • Value Engineering
  • Plan & Specification Review
  • Pre-Bid Services
  • Change Order Reviews


Budget Estimates

A complete budget estimate with a breakdown by systems, floors, equipment, subcontractor cost and labor and material costs.

Parallel Estimates

Need an existing electrical construction cost checked? A complete budget estimate with a breakdown by systems, floors, equipment, subcontractor cost and labor and material costs.

Value Engineering

Need to check different wiring method costs to bring a project under budget? I can provide material and labor costs for the following:

  • Copper vs. aluminum feeders
  • Branch wiring conduit vs. MC cable
  • Underground conduit and wire vs. direct burial cable
  • Single feeders vs. parallel feeders

Plan and Specification Review

Why not have your project reviewed and checked by a highly skilled estimator? This can save pre-bid confusion, excessive addenda and unnecessary change orders. The client provided plans and specifications will be returned with notes of omissions and highlighted items that need clarification.

Pre-Bid Services

Have a customer that needs a cost analysis of upgrade costs verses replacement costs? A complete survey can be made of existing electrical service, emergency power systems and panel capacities. Knowing the existing conditions of a project is most important to a proper design. Having a skilled estimator with field experience review existing conditions can bring to light issues that would otherwise become problematic after the contract is awarded. A report of obvious code deficiencies can be provided. If desired, a complete survey with photographs can also be provided.

Change Order Reviews

Reviewing larger change orders can be time consuming. A complete review by a skilled estimator can provide you with an accurate review of the scope and material required; thus saving your customer money. I can also prepare a parallel change order to compare with the contractors.