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Estimating Departmental Organization

Having estimated for several quality electrical contractors, I have gleaned the best techniques and methods of estimating. Quality estimators do not need to be micromanaged, but they do need structure. I can assist you.

Successful estimating is vital to the success of any contracting firm. Can’t find quality estimators when you need them? Why not make your current estimators perform at a higher level of excellence? Why not give your estimating department a tune-up?

Whether you are an established contractor or just starting up, why not glean from someone who has the experience to help you grow your estimating department and your company.

I can assist your company with any of the following:

  • Estimate Organization – Electronically and Paper
  • Set-up Estimate Binders
  • Establishing an Estimating Sequence
  • Establish Checklists
  • Establish Estimating Techniques
  • Project Turn-Over to the Project Manager
  • Departmental Records
  • How to Interview an Estimator
  • How to Retain an Estimator
  • How to Train an Estimator

Departmental Checklist

Your estimating department will function best with non-negotiable procedures. If you need assistance, please email for more information.