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Software Conversion to ACCUBID™ Classic

If you are currently using estimating software that is not meeting your estimating needs, you should consider a software conversion. This process can be painless with the assistance from someone who has the experience with the process.

Having used four major software programs, I am convinced that ACCUBID™ estimating software is the most productive program on the market. If I were an electrical contractor deciding on which estimating program to purchase, I would purchase ACCUBID™ in lieu of accepting another program free of charge. I say this because I focus on “outcomes”.

Not all estimating programs are equal. A contractor must choose an estimating program that will maximize a very expensive portion of their overhead, which is estimating.

If a contractor needs ditches dug for conduit installation eight hours a day, five days a week, he could provide his worker with a shovel or a trenching machine. The shovel is the cheapest tool that he could purchase, but it is the least productive. Most would not opt for the shovel based on its cost, because the labor cost in operating the shovel is far greater than the rental cost or purchase cost of a trenching machine. So, most contractors would spend more money on the equipment to save labor in the operation of the equipment. I think you get the picture.

So, what is the criteria for selecting an electrical estimating program? To answer this question, a contractor must ask himself, what level of performance does he expect from his estimators?

As an estimator myself, having estimated more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in electrical projects, what do I need an estimating program to do?

1. Minimize my time of take-off.
2. Provide breakdowns quickly of the estimate by systems, areas, floors, buildings.
3. Quickly know my labor hours and percentages by my labor installations.
4. The ability to quickly substitute items in my audit trail. ie: die cast EMT fittings to steel compression
5. Quickly reassign takeoffs in my audit trail to the proper takeoff breakdown.
6. Have a live extension that I can easily and quickly change labor, pricing, and quantity.
7. Able to identify my take-offs in my audit trial
8. Provide a simple method of copying lighting, fire alarm, and other system device counts to send to suppliers for pricing.
9. Quickly analyze my labor risks
10. Simple database management

Testimonial from a satisfied client:

“CIR Electrical Construction Corporation recently made a transition from our previous estimating software to Trimble ACCUBID™ Pro. Don Kiper assisted our company by setting up our database, and guiding use in the basic and advanced workings of the software. He made the transition smooth and painless. In just a short time we learned to use the program proficiently and phased out our old, less efficient software. Don’s years as a seasoned estimator, and master of the software, was a tremendous asset to our company. Through Don’s comprehensive teachings, our company has continued to grow and become more successful.

– James W. Gardner – Chief Estimator, CIR Electrical, Buffalo, NY