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Free Downloads

Here are some FREE downloads provided by Don Kiper.

1896 National Board Fire Underwriters Rules
First known electrical wiring requirements.

A NECA Labor Adjustment chart.

1907 General Electric Company Supply Catalog
A General Electric catalog from 1907

1939 Sears, Roebuck and Co. – House Wiring Made Easy
A practical guide for the electrician and home owner

Quick Conduit Fill Chart
Useful charts to help in figuring out Conduit fill.

Project Labor Factoring
Labor Factoring is the process of adjusting labor hours for a project…

Labor Factors for the Project Manager
Labor Factors for the Project Manager.

Labor units based on 65% installation time
Determine install time, then use LU column value.

Conduit Fill Calculator for THHN & XHHW
Raceway Fill Percentages as per NEC and Conductor Square Areas tables.

1909 Electrical Quote Letter – Albany, NY
Take a look back in history and see the means and methods in electrical contracting.

Conduit Fill Table – NEC Table C Conductor Size – AWG / kcmil – THHN / THWN
Conduit Fill Table – NEC Table C Conductor Size – AWG / kcmil – THHN / THWN

Conduit and Wire Weight Chart
Conduit & Wire Weight Chart – THHN CU

Non-Productive Labor Analysis
How many minutes do employees spend on the following activities each day?

Single Phase Voltage Drop Charts
Quick reference for both copper and aluminum

Combination Conduit Fill Charts
For quick reference sizing conduits for #14 – #10 THHN & XHHW conductors

ACCUBID PRO Classic Short-Cut Key Chart
ACCUBID PRO Classic Short-Cut Key Chart

Increasing Labor Productivity in Electrical Construction
To increase profits, you must increase productivity, read more . . . . .

Cat Generator Chart
The purpose of the generator chart is for estimating fuel consumption for testing, concrete equipment pads, and rigging requirements.

PVC Glue Chart
PVC glue chart for quick glue quantity calculation