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Importance of Quality Estimating

Quality estimating is vital for the electrical contractor. One bad estimate can put a company out of business. Quality estimates are produced by quality estimators and quality estimators can be a rare commodity in most areas of the country.

The electrical contractor has three choices when it comes to estimators. First, hire those who claim to be an estimator, but aren’t; second, lure them from competitors; and lastly, provide quality training for your own estimators.

In dealing with estimators, the contractor should have a three-fold purpose.

  1. Hiring quality estimators
  2. Providing quality training
  3. Retaining quality estimators

All the above will require a purposed plan. The electrical contractor must establish guidelines, principles, and methods to have a quality estimating department.

Hiring quality estimators will require a proper screening and interview process. During a brief interview, the contractor must determine the prospective employee’s estimating knowledge and experience and software proficiency.

Some contractors think that they can’t afford training for the estimating team. You can’t afford not to provide training. Good, solid quality training doesn’t cost, it pays! The contractor must make his estimators as productive and efficient as possible. Due to the busyness of most contractors estimating schedule, very little training takes place between estimators.

Hiring, training, and teaching an estimator company polices and procedures is expensive, and a contactor should do everything possible to retain a quality employee. Compensation is important to employees, but sometimes good employees move on due to a company’s disorganization and lack of focus.

Do not allow the need for an estimator to cause you to hire an unqualified employee.

A successful contractor should have a plan for hiring, training, and retaining quality, skilled, and competent estimators. My years of experience of electrical estimating can provide you with the necessary principles to make intelligent and informed decisions.

Estimating 101 exists to provide contractors will solid solutions for hiring, training, and retaining quality estimators.

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