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Estimator Coaching

The best athletes hire professional trainers to work with them in their sport. They hire someone who will point out the smallest flaws that prohibit them from performing at the top of their game.

During a NASCAR race, a driver will bring his car into the pits to have his pit crew make minor adjustments to the race car. The crew does not overhaul the engine or replace the transmission, but corrects small hindrances to the car’s performance.

This is exactly what an Estimating Coach can do for your estimators. On your staff is an experienced and knowledgeable estimator, but he or she has some minor adjustments that need to be made to help them to become a quality estimator and provide the company with the best and most accurate estimates. Estimates that will allow the company to make a profit.

An estimator may need help with software proficiency or the fundamentals of electrical estimating, help is available. A coaching block of time can be purchased and is tracked in five-minute increments. Coaching sessions can be scheduled, as well as impromptu sessions based on availability.