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Estimating Software Implementation

Estimating labor is expensive. Manual estimating is ridiculously expensive. There are so many advantages to using estimating software. Here are some of the benefits of computerized estimating:

  • Accuracy
  • Speed Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Labor reporting
  • Phasing a project
  • Project management

Computerizing your estimating department will give you greater control over your projects from the successful bid, to purchasing materials and organizing your labor forces.

Having used four major electrical estimating software programs with several major electrical contractors, I believe that I have the experience to make a smooth transition to train your estimators.

If you need to setup estimating software and train your estimators to be proficient, please contact me to work out a plan to meet your company’s needs.

I can also assist you if you are considering implementing estimating software or transitioning from one system to another.