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Myth #1 In Electrical Estimating


Purchasing estimating software and purchasing a bandsaw are two different things. I would think that most bandsaws are very similar.  A bandsaw purchase typically is a brand name choice or preference.
An estimator should use software for producing estimates.  When used as designed, an estimator…

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The Front End of the Specifications

An estimator must carefully read the project specifications.  Sometimes, there are labor and material costs that are required for specified items for the project.

Here are the most important questions to answer and items for review:

  1. Scope of work
  2. Summary of work
  3. General conditions
  4. Supplemental conditions
  5. Are there any special insurances required?
  6. Are there any allowances? Is the OH&P included in the allowance or do you need to add in your bid summary?
  7. Are there…
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To Bid or Not to Bid

The electrical contractor must consider some important factors before deciding which project to bid.  The contractor should only bid work that has the potential to make a profit.  The belief that “WE NEED WORK” may cause you to win a project that you will live to regret.   All contractors need work, but only work that is right for your company.

When you do decide to bid a project, make sure that the decision was made…

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