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Electrical Estimating with Trimble ® ACCUBID Classic Software – 6 Volumes
Authors: Don Kiper & Giovanni Marcelli

Cost: $480 per set, quantity discounts on order form

Description: This series of training manuals was born out of the great need in the electrical industry for quality estimating instruction. These volumes will provide the necessary principles and methods to become a skilled estimator.

Volume 1 – Fundamentals of Electrical Estimating – This volume will provide the estimator with a solid foundation for producing accurate and detailed estimates. Just as no building will stand very long without a good foundation, no estimator will be successful in the profession of electrical estimating without a solid understanding of proper estimating principles. Table of Contents

Pages 58-64

Volume 2 – Overview, Settings, Views & Reports in Trimble® ACCUBID Software – Trimble® ACCUBID Classic software provides the contactor the ability to have an organized project schedule screen for easy sorting and filtering. The Job Schedule screen allows the contactor to track total volume of estimates as well as first, second, and third place bids. Reporting is customizable for any printouts desired. You will learn how to set up company preferences in the Default Project.

Table of Contents

Pages 14-20

Volume 3 – Estimate Preparation – Preparation is key to perform an accurate estimate. This preparation will require a careful examination of the contract specifications and drawings. When the estimator attends the project’s pre-bid meeting, he must be prepared beforehand and know how to conduct a site examination of a project. Properly setting up an estimate before quantifying the project is vital.

Table of Contents

Pages 12-17

Volume 4 – The Takeoff – One of the main responsibilities of the estimator is an accurate quantifying of the project. Every estimator must develop a technique that allows for an accurate, detailed, organized takeoff. The estimator must know the difference between estimating and bidding. Estimating is the quantification of the project. Bidding is the summarization of the project. The estimator must provide a complete list of all direct material and labor costs for a detailed takeoff. Having a knowledge of labor factoring is necessary to arrive at an accurate direct labor hour total.

Table of Contents

Pages 46-52

Volume 5 – The Extension – The Extension Screen gives the estimator the power to check, analyze, and modify a consolidated takeoff. The program allows items on the Extension Screen to be filtered by material and labor options. The Grouping feature provides a quick analysis of the project by Bid Item, Area, Phase, and System. The Sort Code feature is a powerful option that allows the estimate to be closely reviewed for portions with the largest risks.

Table of Contents

Pages 34-40

Volume 6 – Bid Summarization – The Bid Summarization, sometimes referred to as the Bid Recap, must be complete. The Bid Summary feature in Trimble® ACCUBID Classic software is outstanding and provides the contractor with great flexibility in summarizing the estimate. An accurate takeoff can be useless if the project is not properly summarized.

Table of Contents

Pages 12-19