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Where are all the good Estimators?

While searching job posting websites, you will find that there are hundreds of electrical contractors seeking experienced estimators.  Some are offering signing bonuses and relocation expenses.  Some defer to an employment agency to find the right fit for their company.

The successful electrical contractor must have a knowledgeable, experienced, and trained estimating department.   Without it, the risks are just too great.  Solid estimating will only be achieved when all the proper ingredients are in place in your organization.  When you need an estimator, you have two choices, recruit someone from another contractor or train someone in house.

WHERE are the good estimators? 

Most are happily employed.  They have found a contractor with an organizational structure where they can function in the most efficient manner and with the greatest personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment.

WHY are they there?

Most are working for contractors where the employees are considered the company’s greatest assets.  These estimators are provided with continuing education and training to improve their skills. Estimators who rotate from one contractor to another should be considered cautiously.   Most contractors who have employed quality estimators would be wise to take good care of them.  Never forget, firing is usually the consequence of bad hiring.

WHAT are you to do?

When you need estimating help and you can’t find the right estimator to bring from the outside, you must look to the inside.  First, take good care of the quality estimators that you currently have.  Next, find the prospective estimator that has the potential to become a great estimator and train him with your philosophy.  It sometimes takes many months to know if an estimator brought in from the outside will be the right fit in your company.  It is far better to spend monies on training and coaching than employment agency fees.