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  1. Can’t find a quality skilled estimator?
  2. You used an employment agency with poor results?
  3. Hired the wrong person because he over sold his skills and abilities?
  4. Each of your estimators have their own way and techniques – no departmental consistency?
  5. When it is time to bid the project, your estimator doesn’t have all of the necessary information to complete the bid properly.
  6. Your estimators do not have an estimating sequence that guarantees your department consistency.

Why let another day pass with inefficiencies in your department?  Stop waiting for the bionic estimator to knock on your door – he is already employed!

Start looking for the right employee with the POTENTIAL to become a highly skilled estimator and invest in him.  Then provide the right environment within your company where gifted employees can thrive and grow.

Just hoping things are going to get better will not work.  You must ACT!

Consider the following changes in your normal routine:

  1. Provide estimator training on skill and solid methodology
  2. Establish an estimating sequence that will give you consistency
  3. Implement organized project estimate binders
  4. Improve your estimator’s software skills with someone with experience
  5. Establish a weekly meeting with the proper checks and balances

Stop wasting valuable and expensive estimating time and fix the problem.  Why not invest the employment agency fees in the team you have?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, why not make what you have BETTER!!