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Are you missing projects to bid

Are there quality projects out for bid but you just don’t have the horsepower in your estimating department to get it done?   You have but four choices.

Your estimators work overtime

  1. Add additional estimators
  2. Use an estimating service
  3. Pass on bidding

My estimating career started with take-off sheets, an adding machine, a NECA labor manual, and a Trade Service pricing book.  As personal computers became affordable, software engineers began producing programs for all types of applications, and computerized electrical estimating was born.

As seasoned estimators began learning computer commands, many refused to let go of their comfort zone – hand written take-offs on paper.  Believe me, I was one who said to a trainer during a training class, “I will never give up my take-off sheets!”  And I said it with passion and conviction in my voice.

After realizing the value of “paperless” takeoff, I gave up the take-off sheets and my employer benefited greatly.  My annual estimating volume went from $25 million to $55 million working the same number of hours annually.  Just by changing your take-off methodology, you can double the production of your estimators.

I think you must agree that the best cost effective solution to increase your estimating power is to lead your estimators to toss out the take-off sheets and directly enter their take-offs into the estimating program.

I offer estimator training, software training, departmental organization, and database management services.

Stop passing on projects you want to bid and give me a call.  I can help you through the process.  You will be glad that you called.