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Accepting Responsibility

The estimator cannot bluff his way to success.  Estimating is based on solid principles of the trade.  The estimator must have a full understanding of his responsibilities and fulfill them in a professional and timely manner.

The estimator must accept responsibility for mistakes made in the takeoff and missing information required for a complete summarization of the project.  This responsibility cannot be shifted to another.

When you realize that there is a problem in your estimate, you must notify your chief estimator immediately, even if your bid has been submitted.  There may be time for your price to be discarded or adjusted for the general contractors.

Here are some ways to handle a mistake:

Admit your mistake.

  1. Forget fairness.
  2. Avoid blaming others.
  3. Identify the solution to your mistake.
  4. Learn from your mistakes.

Failing to accept responsibility will strain your relationship with your superiors. Blaming others is a means that is used to avoid losing the approval of others. Honesty and accepting responsibility are the best ways to gain approval. The difference between being responsible and being irresponsible is an indication of how seriously you view your position as an estimator.

Remember, strength and competence are not about perfection. If it were, none of us would ever measure up to the standard.

Remember, estimating is expensive, poor estimating is costly, and quality estimating is profitable.